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A note to visitors looking for technical information.  RV owners:  There are two special sections of our web site devoted to technical information on RVs. 
The Beaver Section is devoted to fine Beaver Motor Coaches, especially featuring those built before Monaco.  Owners of other fine motorhomes will also find plenty of useful info there, so don't be put off by the focus on Beavers.
The Towables Section is devoted to both travel trailers and 5th wheels. 
There is also an archived section devoted to Mercedes-Benz inside the Car & Truck heading.


RV Service Info

All images were created by us, unless otherwise noted, so please respect our right to them and do not duplicate them in any way without permission - all images should be considered as copyrighted.





     This page is ALWAYS      

This is our RV service information page especially for towable RV's; 5th wheels, travel trailers and pop-ups.  This page started life somewhat exclusively for older (pre-Monaco) Beaver Motor Coaches, but after selling our Beaver Patriot, we've started a new section for towables.  If you're looking for the Beaver motor home section (which includes other brands too) it is here.

Most of what is here is my own stuff that we have done, but a growing amount of what's here has been provided by other folks that pleasure of doing a project and were gracious enough to provide their information and permission to post it here.

While much of the info in this section pertains specifically to Arctic Fox's, much of it applies equally well to other RVs of all types & brands.

Disclaimer: First and foremost, let me say that if you follow any of my advise or that of others on this site, the world may split in two and swallow your entire town. Or other bad stuff could happen. It probably won't, but it could, so don't come crying to me. :)  You and only you are responsible for any work, maintenance, repair or modification you chose to make to your RV.  You are solely responsible for following safe work procedures as well as the results of  any work you perform, whether you relied on any information found here or not.  The information provided here is just a description of what we did, what worked for us or perhaps what didn't work for us. 

 If you have information and/or a photo story that you'd like to see on these pages, or any comments, suggestions, please feel free to contact me directly at


INDEX - Towable RV's

5th Wheels, Travel Trailers & Popups
[for motor homes, click here]

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Maintenance - How to take care of things

Body - aka the 'House'






Detailed INDEX follows


Maintenance - how to take care of things


Body - aka the 'House' 









How to Build an RV

The Arctic Fox 29V from start to finish 



Old INDEX follows - will be deleted




The Motor Home Section

Motor homes have their own section.  


Coming soon!


Our personal RV's

2009 Arctic Fox 24-5N

2009 Arctic Fox 29V

1995 Beaver Patriot 37 'Trenton'

2005 Holiday Rambler 32FKD

2004 Holiday Rambler 29FKS

1994 Holiday Rambler 27CBFK

1995 Kit Companion 18RT

1975 Beaver 11 'Yellowstone'
(not our camper - ours was clean!)



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