Dexter Axle Over-Under Conversion Kit

courtesy of JohnB   of the Sunline Owner's Club

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who always ask about the Over-Under conversion, here's some pics to show a job completed. I can't help as to why you can't just put the axles under the spring, but this is what a complete setup from Dexter looks like. If you have any questions or want a detailed pic of something, the trailer is home right now, so I can go take pics tomorrow.

Here's a little background info. The trailer was originally covered by my dad (he designed and built the whole cover) and designed to fit in a 7' garage door. Since the conversion, it wouldn't fit and dropping the air out of the tires didn't work. That's why you see these small wheels on here- they're just for storage. In order to (safely) take the trailer on the road, the wheels and tires must be changed out with stock size 15x7 rims and ST205/75/R15C Goodyear Marathon's.

Here's the trailer just after it came out of the garage:

Close up of small wheel:

Extended Equalizer and spring bolts with grease zerks (added at time of conversion, along with new bushings)

Here's some close up's:

Here's some farther away shots showing the height difference. As you can see, the casters on the back were very important at the stock height. Now, they rarely hit, if ever.

I thought about putting a tape measure from the ground to the frame to show the difference, but I thought about that after I had the wheels installed and jack put away. I wasn't about to pull it off just for a pic.

For those of you who noticed, I did hook up the chains before hitting the road.

Also, sorry for it being so dirty. That's why I brought it home, was to wash it . It sat outside while one of the cars had to be worked on, so that's how it was dirty.

Another thing, for those of you following, this was the first time I towed a trailer with electric brakes with my Ex. Towed great and brake controller worked great, though I'll admit the trailer was empty!