PullRite Super 5th Hitch

Installation & Bed Storage Solution


An overview shot of the PullRite Super 5th


This image was taken from directly overhead the aft part of the hitch showing the space between the hitch and the low-profile DeeZee tool box in the rear of the bed. 


This image was taken from directly overhead the forward end of the hitch showing the space - or lack of - between the hitch and the Northern Tools box in front of the hitch.


This is a low angle photo of the installation with the DeeZee box in its normal travel location.


This image was taken with the DeeZee box in its extended position.


A close-up photo showing how the beveled bottom of the Northern Tool box works well with the PullRite SuperRail.



An overhead photo of the beveled tool box and the SuperRail.



The images below illustrate the details of the storage solution with the 5th wheel hitch

An overview of the completed system showing the PullRite Super 5th hitch, 50-gallon auxiliary fuel tank and both tool boxes.  The 9" high low-profile DeeZee box is mounted on HD drawer glides so it can be extended out over the tailgate for easy access.


The DeeZee box is secured in place with two toggle bolts when traveling.


The lid of the DeeZee box opens fully when the box is extended.


The lid of the DeeZee box only opens halfway when in the travel position because it hits the rails of the tonneau cover.


Another overview photo with the box in travel position.



The photos below show the Truxedo 'Deuce' tonneau cover


The Truxedo 'Deuce' tonneau cover not only looks stylish, it keeps our stuff out of sight & out of the weather when we're not towing.  Our tailgate is lockable, so that helps keep the honest people honest.  It also makes a slight improvement in the truck's Cd so we get a little bit better fuel economy.  We've seen independent test results by TDR that indicate the tonneau is worth about 1/2 MPG.



The unique feature of the 'Deuce' is how the front 1/3 of the tonneau folds back instantly giving us super easy access to our auxiliary fuel tank.


This photo was taken before we installed the Northern Tools box next to the auxiliary fuel tank.  This shows how nice the access is to the fuel tank with the front section of the Deuce folded back.


Another photo of the auxiliary fuel tank before the installation of the Northern Tools box, but with the tonneau in the rolled up position for towing.


Set for towing with the tonneau rolled up.


This last shot shows the tool boxes and hitch under the closed tonneau cover.