1995 Beaver Patriot 'Trenton' 37


Beaver Patriot towing the Jeep Grand Cherokee - a great combination!

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Highlights . . .

bullet1995 Beaver Patriot 37', Trenton floor plan 
bulletSpartan Chassis
bulletCummins C8.3 300HP
bulletAllison MD3060 6-speed  "World Transmission"



Detailed Features . . .

bulletSpartan chassis
bulletFull air suspension
bulletFull air brakes with ABS
bulletSide radiator
bulletBetter engine cooling
bulletMuch fewer radiator problems due to road debris & engine blow-by than the typical rear radiator
bulletEasy engine access & maintenance
bulletHydraulically driven radiator fan
bulletPacBrake exhaust brake with spares
bulletFront:    Toyo M140 275/70R22.5; DOT Code:
bulletRear:    Toyo M124Z 265/75R22.5; DOT Code:
bulletSpares:    Toyo M124Z 265/75R22.5 (2)
bulletGVWR: 29,410#
bulletCCC: over 7,000#
bulletGCVWR (per Spartan): 42,000#  
bulletTowing capacity: 5,000# (hitch limited)
bulletEngine & Transmission
bulletCummins C8.3 with mechanical fuel injection
bullet300 HP at 2200 RPM
bullet820 ft lbs torque at 1400 RPM
bulletAllison MD3060 6-speed automatic transmission
bulletLock-up clutch in 2nd through 6th
bulletProgrammed to "Seek 4th" when PacBrake actuated
bulletEngine & drive train has been thoroughly gone through eliminating the usual "deferred maintenance" issues found with most used vehicles
bulletNew exhaust manifold--manifolds break, crack and shrink after years of use
bulletNew head gasket
bulletO'hauled turbo with new waste gate
bulletO'hauled injectors
bulletNew fuel transfer pump
bulletNew fuel injection pump pressure relieve valve
bulletNew fuel shut off solenoid
bulletNew throttle cable
bulletValves adjusted
bulletNew-style stainless steel coolant filter valve
bulletNew remote fuel filter mount & hoses for primary fuel filter
bulletNew Charge Air Cooler
bulletNew rear tires (4 Toyo)
bulletExcellent front tires (Toyo) plus 2 spare tires
bulletNew rear brake linings and axle seals
bulletExtensive wet bay upgrade including high quality pressure relief valve, whole house filters, etc
bulletNew drinking water filter system in kitchen
bulletNew clearance lights all around and 3rd brake light
bulletNew basement door gas springs
bulletNew built-in smoke alarm & CO alarm
bulletWinterization upgrades for easier winterization
bulletNew Fantastic fan in bathroom
bulletNew valves in HWH leveling
bulletLink to NADA price page with options 


bulletFiberglass sidewalls
bulletFiberglass roof - 6.5" thick roof, the thickest motor home roof in the industry
bulletAluminum structure for light weight
bulletDouble-paned windows through out

bulletSolid oak cabinetry
bulletMedium stain semi-gloss finish
bulletPlush pile carpeting in living room & bedroom
bulletCeramic tile in kitchen & bathroom
bulletFountainhead solid surface throughout
bulletKitchen counter with Beaver logo inlay
bulletSink covers and stove covers
bulletBathroom vanity
bulletBathroom vanity (in separate toilet room)
bulletNight stands
bulletFront dash console
bulletDriver's cup-holder area
bulletLiving room table
bulletLeather upholstery
bulletDriver & co-pilot seats
bulletLiving room jackknife sofa
bulletLiving room rocker/recliner
bulletFree-standing dining room table
bulletTwo fixed chairs
bulletTwo folding chairs (normally stored in hall closet)
bulletTable extends from wall for increased elbow room
bulletTable expands with one leaf


Photos - please be patient, there are lots of photos.  Many will be replaced soon with better quality images. 

The 37' Trenton floor plan -- all the features of a 40' in 37'. 

Even a fully enclosed toilet & his & hers closets.

Patio & window awnings on both sides--even the bathroom & kitchen windows.

Includes a full set of window sun covers for windshield, side windows, and mirrors.

Traditional Beaver solid oak wood work in medium stain semi-gloss finish.

A tour of the interior . . .


The Cockpit

The first view coming into the cabin is of the pilot seat.  You can see the 6-way electric adjustment switches plus the separate backrest control.  An additional control under the seat skirt allows the seat to swivel. 

The wall sconce is one of four 120VAC lights in the cabin, all controlled by dimmer switches.  In addition, there are 12VDC halogen lights recessed under the overhead cabinets on both sides of the main cabin. 


Looking back at the entry door, the pneumatic floor cover is retracted.  The entry door is made so it positive latches in the fully open position.  A simple pull on either the inside or outside door handle releases the latch to close the door. 

A pull out retractable screen door house in the black box at the rear edge of the entry keeps the bugs out. 



The 6-way electric leather pilot seat & all the controls and gauges.  Both pilot and co-pilot seats swivel to face the main cabin. 

From left to right: HWH hydraulic leveling control pad, Allison shift pad, cruise control & mirror controls above the Allison pad, Maxi-brake valve, instrument panel includes generator on/off switch, entertainment radio used when driving, CB radio, back up camera monitor.  A small table is attached to the underside of the magazine rack and removes in seconds. 

Odometer reading

Only 7.2 miles since the last fill-up--a whole tank of diesel included! 



The first view of the main cabin.  The leather jackknife sofa extends to make an extra bed.  The front of the sofa under the cushion removes easily.  This is where we store our upright vacuum cleaner and emergency luggage. 



A view of the leather rocker recliner and table.  The oak table top retracts into the table cabinet leaving a Fountainhead solid surface.  Storage inside the cabinet and a drawer under as well as a magazine rack. 



A lousy photo--what can I say?  The stand alone ice maker is under the counter.  It works like a charm and will fill the ice bucket in a day.  The glass front cabinet door has been replaced with a wood front door custom made for us by the foreman of the old Beaver cabinet shop. 


The Galley

A general view of the kitchen with the Fountainhead solid surface stove and sink covers in place.  Cabinets galore!



The almond double sink and matching faucet with pull-out sprayer as seen with the Fountainhead covers removed.  The faucet assembly is new and the drinking water spigot & filter has been replaced with new system since this photo was taken.  A double 12VDC light fixture over the sink illuminates the area when on house battery power.



The beautiful Gaggenau LP stove is a jewel compared to the usual RV stove.  Normally it is hidden under Fountainhead solid surface covers that can be seen to the right.

The top drawer under the stove is a cutlery drawer with cutting board.  We keep our cutlery in a wooden rack in the next drawer down.

Second drawer, where we keep our flatware & cutlery

Third drawer is the catch-all

Fourth drawer hold a wide selection of wrapping & bagging products

The area under the sink & next to the ice maker hold the pots & pans, storage containers and cleaning products.  A nice garbage can from Ikea is attached to the door.


The Sharp convection microwave includes a turn table, temperature probe and removable rack.  The wall switch next to the microwave controls the large residential florescent ceiling lights.  The 120VAC wall outlets are out of sight under the cabinets. 


The ice maker works like a champ.  The first load of ice is ready very quickly and it will fill the bucket in a day.  Above the ice maker are switches for the hot water heater and fresh water pump.


The cabinet over the ice maker has built-in racks for cups & wine glasses.


A photo of the entire galley counter.  Lot's of counter space for meal preparation. 


The 8 cu ft refrigerator-freezer was just serviced by a Norcold factory rep this fall.  A slide-out pantry is just aft of the refer.


Inside the refrigerator. 

Dining Area . . .

The dining table has a large leaf to expand the table for seating four as well as a pair of matching folding chairs which are stored in the hall locker.  The table is normally stowed close to the outside wall.  but slides away from the wall for more elbow room.  The table is bolted to the floor so it's not going anywhere when you're traveling.

You can just barely see a 120VAC power strip under the window treatment.  An oak storage box holds things like battery charging cables for laptops and other devices that you might use at the table.

And of course, a photo with the leaf inserted



Swiveling brass aircraft style 12VAC lights have been install under the storage locker over the dining table.  The sliding dimmer switch for the chandelier over the table is also visible in this view.

New beautiful solid brass marine chart lights with 10W halogen bulbs make great reading lights & use only 1/4 the battery power of the OE reading lights!  Note the oak panel that replaces the OE black plastic panel the light is mounted on. 

The Bathroom


A view of the bathroom from the kitchen.  From top to bottom: an AC air return, 12VDC fluorescent light fixture, AC vent, smoke alarm & 120VAC hot water heater control switch.



The bathroom vanity with storage under.  The Fountainhead solid surface counter and china bowl with brass fixtures is illuminated with 120VAC incandescent light fixture on a dimmer.  There is also a 12VDC fluorescent ceiling light fixture.  One of the two GFCIs in the coach is located in the bathroom.


The shower enclosure is glass and brass with brass hardware and an oak-trimmed skylight.  The vent under the shower is actually for service access to the plumbing under the shower--service access is thoroughly thought out on this coach!



The bathroom as seen from the bedroom.  The angled door is to the toilet.



The porcelain toilet has its own room.  There is a fresh water rinse sprayer and a little shelf for odds and ends.  The white panel is for access to plumbing and wiring runs between the coach and basement.  A new Fantastic fan is mounted with oak trimmed and controlled by a wall switch.



The cabinets forward of the hall closet/hanging locker house the washer/dryer under a large storage cabinet.  Note the additional large drawers under the hanging locker.


A view of the wardrobe closet with a shelf over the hanging locker.

And a view of the drawers under the closet.  Note how large the drawers are. 


A large clothes hamper tilts out for your convenience.  The washer/dryer is only a step away.



The Splendide washer/dryer combination machine.  It handles a full set of bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths; or a couple of pair of jeans and shirts; or a full set of bed linen.  So convenient!  The drain is plumbing directly into the grey tank so the washing machine can be run without being connected to a sewer line--an unusual feature.  It's also amazingly quiet. 


The Bedroom

Looking forward towards the left/street side of the coach.  A solid oak sliding door separates the bedroom from the bathroom.  Mirrored doors hide the nice sized closet with large & deep drawers under.

New mini blinds replace the original day-night blinds in the bedroom for better ventilation with the windows open.  The original blinds are available with the coach if you prefer that style.   




Looking forward and towards the right/curb side of the coach.  Clockwise from the TV is a hanging locker (closet), water heater access door, laundry hamper, wardrobe cabinet and storage behind the TV.  There is a cell-phone antenna connection for improved reception for an Internet AirCard in this locker.

Bedroom looking aft and to your left (actually the right/curb side of the coach).


There is a huge amount of storage in the deep cabinets over the bed.  Shelves have been added to the shirt closets on each side of the bed.  Additionally, each side has a drawer and storage space under.  There are 120VAC electrical outlets on both sides of the bed.  Look close & you can just see the 12VDC halogen reading lights we added behind the 120VAC wall sconce lights.  The reading lights have tiny green LEDs near their switches so they are easy to find in the dark.


Bedroom looking aft and to your right (actually the left or street side of the coach).  Top right locker contains 120AV panel, inverter remote control, engine block heater switch, 12VDC fuse panel.


A peek at the inside of the electrical cabinet.


Furnace/AC thermostat, ceiling light switch, 120VAC outlet and stereo system power cut-off switch conveniently located next to the bed.  No need to get out of bed on a chilly morning to turn on the furnace!  Besides the 120VAC residential wall sconce lighting, there are 12VDC halogen swivel reading lights on both sides of the bed (they are black & behind the wall sconces so they aren't easily seen).


A few more features inside  . . .

Recessed halogen reading lights, two on each side over the sofa and rocker/recliner.


Ample storage on both sides of the salon.  This is just 3 of the 4 sections of the cabinet over the sofa.  As you can see the cabinets are tall enough for full size binders and map books.

Salon overhead storage on the curb side.


And more storage over the dining table.  As you can see there is so much storage that we have room for more stuff. 


The Datcon satellite TV antenna control and Sony satellite TV receiver are in the locker over the entry steps.  The satellite antenna is automatic.  Just turn it on and it spins around seeking the satellite automatically. If the system would like you to dial in a change in the azimuth (height) it says so and the TV screen and a simple button push on the control box does the rest. 

No need to have the cabinet door open to change channels either--the remote control operates the Sony receiver via the TVs!


The VCR is housed next to the TV in the cockpit overhead cabinet.


Beautiful oak vents & trim on the dash board replace the rather ugly black plastic ones. 

Additionally, all the original ventilation tubing in the dash has been replaced with new 'kink-proof' hose for much better airflow in the cab heater and ventilation. 


A Pioneer hard-wired GPS system will go with the coach if sold before April 2008.  The DVD-based system contains a full set of maps and POI's (points of interest) for the US and Canada.  The screen is a touch screen and so convenient to use.



Here are photos of the roll-up screen door.  Unlike conventional screen doors, this one isn't in the way when it's not being used.  Magnets hold it in the closed position.


The smoke alarm in the hall way is new, as is the 120VAC hot water heater control switch.  We added electric hot water in Summer 2007.



Engine access and storage with large combination safe under bed.  You can see the unusually fine condition of the 300 HP Cummins C8.3 with many new components.



The Basement - curb or right side


The right (curb) side starting at the front & going to the rear . . .


The 60-gallon LP storage tank is located just behind the right front wheel.  Note the quick-disconnect fitting we've added for running the BBQ



The forward basement compartment with the Joey bed slide retracted. 

The aft basement compartment with the Joey bed slides retracted. 



The forward bed slide extended.

The aft bed slide extended.  This slide is longer than the forward slide because there is no slide on the opposite side that it has to share space with.  As a result, it swallows a patio mat and large LaFuma folding chairs in addition to an additional set of folding chairs, entry mats, etc and still has room for a couple of large crates in the back where we store bottled water and engine spare filters & parts.

A view with both slides extends.  The Joey bed slides out give ultra easy access to everything in the basement without unloading things to get to what you want.

Holding tank access compartment.  New door replaces semi-permanent panel to give easy access to compartment for service and stowage of spare hoses. 

New pump system for transferring grey water to black tank to extend dry camping time.

New gauge level system (on left).  Original system is still fully operative. 


Two 12V deep cycle chassis batteries for engine starting

Four 6V golf cart batteries for the house.

Both banks of batteries are charged via the main engine and protected by a large isolator.



The last compartment on the curb side provides access to the air filter, primary fuel filter (to the left just out of this view) and the main 12V electrical disconnect switches.  The solenoid between the switches controls 12V to the house is operated via a switch at the entry doorway.  A

A new solenoid has been added to control the charging of the toad while being towed.  The toad's battery charging lead wire is automatically disconnected from the coach when the coach engine is turned off, thereby protecting the coach batteries from being discharged.


Engine Access

One of the big advantages to a side radiator coach is fabulous engine service access.  There is also direct access to the top of the engine under the bed.


The engine is easily service via this rear access door. 



The Basement - street side

The left (street) side starting at the front & going to the rear . . .



Low voltage electrical panel compartment.


Onan 6.3 KW LP generator



Street side basement storage.  Forward bay includes Joey bed slide.  Aft bay includes a locker for access to additional plumbing systems (see photo below).

Another view of the street side basement compartment, aft section.  The fresh water pump, winterization valves, and ice maker filter are located in this locker.

The "NEW" wet bay features:

bulletConstruction: 1/2" thick HDPE construction
bulletDual whole-house fresh water filters
bullet3 pressure gauges to monitor incoming pressure, pressure relief pressure and filter restriction pressure
bulletBrass plumbing, 3/4" brass pressure relief valve, 3/4" brass check valve, brass globe control valves with stainless steel internals
bulletLarger internal plumbing to improve fresh water tank fill times by 80%
bulletFresh water pump control switch
bulletNew electronic holding tank and fresh water tank level gauge reads in %; accurate to 5%
bulletHD chrome brass faucet
bulletPaper towel holder
bulletNew water tight access port for hose routing



The OLD wet bay included a hand soap dispenser & black tank flush fitting as well as 2 of the winterization drain valves.


The Manuals

The original new owner's porfolio full of literature


The Spartan Chassis Owner's Manual


The Beaver Service Manual with many pages of information & diagrams specifically for the 1995 Patriot--not just the usual generic manual.



Jeep Grand Cherokee "Toad" available with coach . . . 




bullet1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 'Limited' in metallic burgundy
bullet4.7L V8 & automatic transmission
bulletLeather upholstery (charcoal color)
bulletHeated seats
bullet8-way electric seats with lumbar adjustment
bulletQuadra-Drive 4WD with automatic engagement of 4WD
bulletAM-FM-CD premium radio with CD changer
bulletRoof rack
bulletClass IV trailer hitch with 7 pole connector with 6,500# tow rating
bulletWinter tires & wheels - set of 4
bulletMichelin X-Ice winter tires mounted on Jeep OE aluminum wheels for winter use
bulletStandard all terrain tires mounted on Jeep OE aluminum wheels for summer use
bulletAdditional features included if sold with the motor home:
bulletRoadmaster "Sterling All Terrain" aluminum tow bar
bulletRoadmaster hidden tow bar brackets
bulletTow bar bracket assembly is easily removed leaving 2 'hidden' brackets in lower grill under bumper for those times when you don't want the look of the tow bar hardware
bulletTrailer hitch extension/drop bar
bulletGuardian Rock Shield to protect toad from road debris
bulletABS rock guard drops into tow bar brackets to protect the front of the Jeep from damage by road debris thrown from the rear wheels of the motor home
bulletMotor home mount for stowing Guardian Rock Shield
bulletAuxiliary mount for Guardian Rock Shield on the trailer hitch of the motor home when the Jeep is disconnected
bulletSMI 'Silent Partner' auxiliary braking system
bulletNothing to connect or disconnect; just flip a switch on the dash and the auxiliary braking system is activated
bulletCobra 75 WX ST Weatherband CB-radio with Firestick II antenna
bulletAll CB radio controls located in microphone--no ugly radio in dash
bulletHandset normally stored out of the way on side of center console
bulletConvenient & discreet 2nd mount on dash for use when CB radio is actively being used
bulletMotorola Bluetooth cellular car kit (hardwired installation)
bullet7-pole wiring to toad (charges the Jeep's battery while being towed.  No fear of a dead battery even at night or on mountain roads)
bulletKelly Blue Book value on the Jeep Grand Cherokee

A few final photos . . .

Here we are at the Beaver Round-Up in Prineville, Oregon in August 2007. 


In this photo at Prineville, you can see the windshield sun covers with wiper & mirror covers, satellite antenna and all 3 window awnings on the street side.



The Beaver tucked away in a spot on the Oregon coast.   We got lucky and there was a break in the trees for the satellite TV antenna. 



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