U Line Icemaker    U Line Ice Maker

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U Line Home Page    http://www.u-line.com/

Use & Care Guide    http://www.u-line.com/data/pdfs/30098_Rev31.pdf

Model BI95

Data Sheet    http://www.u-line.com/data/pdfs/BI95.pdf

Installation Guide    http://www.u-line.com/data/pdfs/BI-95_30067E_Install_Guide.pdf

Model BI98

Data Sheet    http://www.u-line.com/data/pdfs/BI98.pdf

Installation Guide    http://www.u-line.com/data/pdfs/BI98_30066E_install_guide.pdf



  1. Prop open the door after each use so it can completely dry out
  2. Drill tiny holes along the bottom of the plastic cover that snaps over the motor housing, as it traps in moisture and that is what rusts the motors and keeps them from turning out the ice when done
  3. Do you get black specks in your ice from time to time if so, you have a bad mold and mold heater, that can be replaced, you must remove the unit from the coach to do this, you can buy just the mold and heater